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After the departure of all the guests from Mayasabha, Duryodhana and Sakuni alone remained in Indraprastha to enjoy the kindness of the Pandavas. They visited Mayasabha along without any assistant. Duryodhana was astonished for its marvelous beauty. But he had some bad experiences. The palace hall of great majesty in Indraprastha is built such that its floors were finished in such an illusionary manner that it had the mirror image of water whereas the pool along the hall is made such that the mirror image of a flat surface seeming no water in it. Duryodhana walked on such a pool, as he thought that it is a floor and fell into a deep pond. Draupadi who was walking past, rather thoughtlessly, let out a peal of laughter and said, ‘The blind son of blind parents.’ Also the four pandava brothers except Yudhisthira saw this and giggled. Duryodhana felt ashamed of that. He immediately left for Hastinapura and swear that one day he would take delight in Draupadi’s disgrace as she had taken in his. His heart was filled with jealousy and the wonderful Mayasabha became a heartburning for him.

Upset by Vyasa’s words, Yudhisthira became so regretful that he wanted to end his life rather than live and cause sadness to the world. His brothers calmed him and told him to meet the future proceedings with the courage he was renowned for. Yudhisthira determined and made a vow that he would, from that day, observe strict self-control. He would not upset any person by word or action and would protect his calmness in the most annoying conditions.

With all barriers removed, the yagna was carried to a successful conclusion. After receiving as much gifts as they could carry, the kings and visitors who had assembled in Indraprastha started to leave. Krishna, pleased at the victory of the sacrifice, left for Dwaraka. Yudhisthira gave enormous gifts to his priests and the Brahmins. Bhima gave send off to Bhishma and Dhritarashtra. Arjuna gave send off to Drupada. Nakula gave send off to Shalya and Subala. Sahadeva gave send off to Dronacharya, Kripacharya, Ashwathama and all other kings.

Vyasa told Yudhisthira that he was leaving. Before leaving, the king took bless from Vyasa and asked a question that “Whenever a yagna of the size of Rajasuya is conducted, there may be an appalling fallout, like a drought, flooding or earthquakes. Is this condition satisfied with the demise of Shishupala?”

Vyasa replied, “I see very bad times in the next thirteen years for you and your brothers. Vyasa added that as prophesy the powerful god Siva would appear in your dream.”

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