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Intercity Express, Trivandrum - Guruvayur

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Intercity Express Trivandrum  is an Express train (no: 16342) running between Trivandrum Central and Guruvayur Stations. It departs from trivandrum by 5:25 pm and reaches Guruvayur at 12:15 am, next day. A parallel train (no: 16341) departs from Guruvayur by 3:20 am and reaches trivandrum at 10:05 am. The route of Intercity Express  to  Guruvayur  via Kollam, Kayamkulam, Ernakulam and Thrissur.

Intercity Express(No:16342) from  Trivandrum Central to Guruvayur

 Intercity Express(No:16342) from  Guruvayur to Trivandrum Central

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