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Nagercoil Trivandrum Passenger (56310/56311)

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Nagercoil Trivandrum Passenger is a Passenger train (no: 56311) running between Trivandrum Central and Nagercoil Junction. It departs from Trivandrum by 07:00 am and reaches Nagercoil Junction at 09:05 pm. A parallel train (no: 56310) departs from Nagercoil Junction by 06:45 am and reaches Trivandrum Central at 08:50 pm. The route of Nagercoil Trivandrum Passenger to Nagercoil Junction  via Trivandrum Central, Nemom, Neyyattinkara, Amaravila Halt,  Parassala, Kuzhithurai, Eraniel, Virani Alur and  Nagercoil Town.

Nagercoil Trivandrum Passenger (No: 56310) from Nagercoil Junction to Trivandrum :

Nagercoil Trivandrum Passenger (No: 56311) from Trivandrum to Nagercoil Junction :

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