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Netravati Express, Trivandrum - Mumbai

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Netravati Express, Trivandrum is an express train (no: 16346) running between Trivandrum Central and Mumbai Lokamanya Tilak Station. It departs from trivandrum by 09:50 am and reaches Mumbai Lokmanya Station at 04:40 pm after one and half days. A parallel train (no: 16345) departs from Mumbai Lokmanya Station by 11:40 am and reaches trivandrum at 06:40 pm after one and half days. The route of Netravati Express to Mumbai via Kollam, Kayamkulam, Ernakulam Jn(S), Thalassery, Kasargod, Udupi, Rathnagiri  and  Thane.

Netravati Express (No:16345) from Mumbai Lokmanya to Trivandrum Central :

Netravati Express (No:16346) from Trivandrum Central to Mumbai Lokmanya :

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