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Veluthampi Dalawa, Kundara Proclamation and the Sword History

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History of Legendary Veluthampi :

Veluthampi Dalawa was one of the greatest Prime Ministers who ruled the Travancore and is considered to be one among the earliest ruler who fight against the British Empire. He is famous for the proclamation happened in Kundara. Kundara Proclamation (Kundara Vilambaram) is said to be one of the greatest episode in kerala history, which marks the beginning of massive attack against the British Empire.  This Kundara Proclamation in 1809 is considered as the first war for independence against the british force, much before the First War of Indian Independence which happened in 1857.  Inorder to stop the british attack, king agreed to hand over Velu thampi Dalawa. Hearing this, Velu thampi dalawa leaved from Travancore and stayed one day in Kilimanoor palace and gave his sword to the head of the family of Kilimanoor Palace. After that he leaved from the palace for his last battle against the british. When realised that, he was surrounded by the british force,  Veluthambi committed suicide by cutting his own head. The british army treated his body as an animal. They took the body to the Trivandrum and was taken to a public place. They hang the body in a tree. After that, eyes were plucked out and were kept in a spot for public viewing. Today that place in Trivandrum town is called as “Kannammoola”.

Veluthampi Dalawa Sword :

The Veluthampi Dalawa sword (length=41 inches) was kept by the members of Kilimanoor family for around 150 years, before giving to the National Museum in Delhi during President Dr.Rajendra Prasad’s Trivandrum visit in 1957. However the professor of University College, TP Sankarankutty Nair noted the absence of sword in the national museum during his delhi visit. He sends a petition to the president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Following this several protests happened here.  President noticed it and ordered to find the lost sword. Finally they found the sword inside the museum itself. After that incident, kerala government sends a request to give the sword back. This request was accepted by the central government in 20th June 2010. The sword was received by the prominent personalities like singer KJ Yesudas , lyricist ONV Kurup, Sugatha kumar and the director Adoor Gopalakrishnan and was placed inside a bullet proof fiber casing in the Napier Museum.

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  1. thanks for the information

  2. Kundara Proclamation shows how Velu Thampi could twist history to gratify his selfish cravings. The British was used by Velu Thampi to suppress nair soldiers' just demands. He was responsible for signing a treaty with the British and made them real authority to rule Travancore. Kundara Proclamation was issued to divide Travancore citizens - division on the bais of religion, caste and customs. It is a reactionary document which wanted to check the progress of Travancore in cultural, political, economic and social fields. It is a communal manifesto. It is good it was not put into action, for Thampi committed suicide and Travancore was saved to march on the path of progress and plenty..

    1. The period was 1809 and travancore was already having communal inequality. Veluthambi issued the proclamation clearly to make every community realize the common enemy- The British. It was the British who who manipulated Veluthampi's image so as to passify his ideology from spreading. Its sad that you also buying it.


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