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Harihara Varma murdered while selling stones & diamonds in Puthoorkonam, Vattiyoorkavu

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Harihara Varma, son of Bhaskara Varma who belongs to Mavelikkara royal family, was murdered while selling precious stones and diamonds to a three men gang, who arrived here for buying the stones. The victim tried to sell the diamonds in his friend, advocate Haridas’s daughter's house at Nettayam-Puthoorkonam, a place which is hardly one kilometer from Vattiyoorkavu. They used this house sell the stones, since Haridas's daughter is residing aboard and no one was living there.
Haridas allegedly reported the police that the gang beaten them around 2pm and smelled the chloroform and pushed them into the bedroom. But Haridas recovered from the beat shortly, but he found Varma lying on the floor murdered. Then also he found that, they not only stoled the stones, but also their mobile phones.

Prathapan Nair, CI of Peroorkada station, said to the media that they are not buying the advocate’s report completely. They also said that they found some clues about the gang. The advocate has been now hospitalized and will take further report after medical recovery. The gang had approached Harihara Varma through advocate. He also reported to police that the gang came here from Chennai on Monday flight. Two of the gang member names were Premraj and Yogesh. Haridas also alleged that he can identify further person by sight. Varma, who was an engineer by profession, is lived along with his spouse Vimaladevi, who was the deputy commissioner of sales tax section. They wew childless.

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