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Agartala Places to Visit

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Agartala is the current capital city of Tripura. It is also a favorite for travelers as it hosts several tourist attraction places to visit. Ujjayanta Palace is one among them and it earlier served as the royal residence for the Manikya Kings of Tripura. The main attractions inside the palace include gigantic Mughal style gardens, luxury tile floor, superior ceilings and artistic doors of bent wood. There are also two temples in the floor of the palace named, Umanneshwar and Jagganath. Both of the temples are finished with somber ochre color.

Agartala city is also an abode to numerous temples and Buddhist locations. State Museum and Tribal Museum are the museums for art lovers. Another chief place of attraction in the city is the Kunjaban Palace that is situated at about one kilometer from the Ujjayanta Palace and is located on a delightful hillock. Kunjaban Palace is also official house of the Tripura Governor. The beautiful southern part of the Palace is opened to visitors and is named as Rabindra Kanan.

Neermahal is a water palace that a traveler should not miss, which is perhaps one among the most significant traveler destination in Tripura. Neermahal is basically a summer resort that erected in the center of a lake called Rudrasagar, which is stretched over an area of around 5.35 square kilometer.This lake palace has the credit of being the only palace in the Eastern part of the country that replicates a mix together of both Hindu and Mughal architectural styles.

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