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Cherrapunji, Places to Visit

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Cherrapunji situated in Meghalaya had made a pride of place in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the wettest place on earth. Cherrapunji is located high above the stunning valleys at about 4,500 feet above the sea level and has several amazing places to visit. It is an amazing site with continuous rain throughout the year. It is also one place in the world, where the rainfall is recorded in feet than in millimeters. Cherrapunji, the virgin land with sole charisma, possibly the only area in the whole country, where there is only one season that is monsoon. Another truth is that, it rains often at night without disturbing the day time activities. 

An astonishing range of rare orchids, ferns, and moss are more common around the place. Other attraction of the place includes the Mawsmai Falls, which has enormous 1,035 feet height. It is also the fourth highest in India and is located just a few miles from Cherrapunji. People who are planning a trip here should not miss this Mawsmai Falls also. 

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