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Deotamura in Tripura

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Deotamura is a hygienic spot located on the banks of River Gomati, well-known for its rock-cut images. The natives fondly call the site as Devtamura. Literally, the meaning of Deotamura is “the peak of God”. This place has a good-looking string of images engraved on the hills in front of the river Gomati and lush green vegetations.

The images of all chief Hindu gods like Mahadeva, Ganapathy, Vishnu, Kartikeyan, Durga in the form of Mahishasur Mardini and other deities can be found here, which are well fixed out of stone. The massive images on the straight up rocks are remarkably striking. There are around 37 rocks cut images to be found on the hill. Boat travel is offered for sightseers to visit the spot and participate in the picturesque sight of the hill and its monuments.

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