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Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagaland

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Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary is the main wild life destination in Nagaland and is located nearby to the Myanmar (Burma) side which was in the north east of Nagaland in the country. Nagaland has many animals’ sanctuaries where each and every location varies from each other. The place is located in the Pungro group headquarter of Nagaland. This is the sanctuary which receives terrific rain falls and is also an abode to several plants and animals. We can also found several unusual varieties of plants and creatures. The region is coated with several mountains, ridges and filter valleys. Because of this large rain fall, thre are growing several plants and various uncommon orchid flowers. There is an array of various animals in the spot. Some of them include Sambar, Woofing Deer, Wild Boar, Slimmer Loris, Hoolock gibbons, Panther, Forest Cat and Buffalo etc. The ideal time for vacation here is from November to March.

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