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Hajo Temple Tourism

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Hajo is a popular tourist spot in Assam located at about thirty two kilometers from Guwahati. The place is located on the northern bank of the famous river Brahmaputra. The place is known as an icon of secularism where the three religions Hindu, Muslim and Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists, unite. Thus it became a vital pilgrimage center for these religions. Hajo is also well-known for its metal bell work. The Hayagriba Madhava Temple at Hajo is a holy place for both the Hindus and Buddhists, wheras Powa-Mecca is a renowned Muslim place of worship at Hajo. The mosque was believed to be built in 1657, The Powa-Mecca’s history is written through inscription on the wall of this mosque and the foundation apparently consists of some holy earth taken from the Mecca.

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