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Kaziranga National Park Tourism

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Kaziranga National Park is a perfect Tourism spot for those travelers who love to travel through wildlife Parks. Kaziranga National Park covers an area of 430 Sq kilometers along the river Brahmaputra and is also rare place to visit since we can’t see this kind of exotic wild life everywhere. The Park is also abode to the near-extinct one-horned rhinoceros. The park authorities are preventing this one-horned rhinoceros from further extinction by doing some conservative measures. As a result, the population of this one-horned rhinoceros is raised to a massive 1,700. Some other attractions of this place includes group of Indian elephants, bison, marsh deer, hog badgers, bears, tigers, jackal, wild buffalo and boar, pythons, monitor lizards and so on. There are also a variety of birds can be found in this Park with some of them includes oriental honey buzzard Northern Shoveller black Kite Greylag geese fishing eagle Himalayan griffon and others. Bird Watchers should not miss this place and the rare birds.

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