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Kohima, Tourist Attractions

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Kohima is the capital of Nagaland providing an excellent perspective of the bumpy Naga Mountains that provides eye-catching sight. The urban center is also a spot to powerful battle happened during the Second World War and is also a war cemetery, a relaxing expand area of maintained veggies. Barra Basti is a popular destination in Kohima, which has the credit of being the second biggest city in Asia. The city has the entrance gateway that designed ornately with fighters and weaponry and the mithun skull, an icon of success. Another attraction is that, the heart of the city is designed like a home in a usual Naga design with surpassed horns, designed mithun leads, a large feed bag and a manger feeding rise beer. The popular State Museum and the spiritual Catholic Church are some other essential Tourist Attractions for visitors in Kohima.

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