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Meghalaya, Scotland of the East

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Meghalaya is popularly called as the Scotland of the East. It is called so since it consists of several tourist destinations. Sohpetbneng peak otherwise called by the natives as the 'Navel of Heaven' which is a perfect tourist destination for people who are in search of peace of mind, and to relax from work pressure and also from the routine life. Elephant Falls located at a distance of about twelve kilometers from Shillong is another noted place in the state which is a stunning spot and should not be missed. Here the mountain stream falls over two consecutive falls that set along the fern-enclosed rocks to form the Elephant Falls.

Krem Mawmluh Cave is another attraction of Meghalaya and is situated near Cherrapunji. The main specialty of this cave is that the height of the cave is 4503 meters and five rivers flows through it. Mawsynram Cave is further place to visit which is yet another amazing cave made up of stalagmite. Devotees from different parts of the state gather here as the cave bear a resemblance to 'Shivalinga'. Meghalaya is also rich with various other natural caves that are worth a watch.

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