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Phawngpui Blue Mountain, Mizoram

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The Blue Mountain otherwise known as Phawngpui Blue Mountain is recorded as the highest peak in the Mizoram having an altitude of 2,157 metres and is surrounded by bamboo bedding groves. It is located in Chhimtuipui region, which is opposite to river Koldyne (Chhimtuipui) and is close to India’s border with Myanmar. People can enjoy the sightseeing in the level ground of about 200 hectares, which offers a huge view of the size mountains and the winding undulated valleys. The timber around are abode to a range of rare varieties of plants and birds. Phawngpui is a well respected peak, considered to be the residence of the Gods. The main attraction of Phawngpui Peak is that it is popular for orchid flowers and rhododendrons and we can also acquire the most wonderful viewpoint of Mizoram.

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