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The Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

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The Tawang Monastery otherwise called as Gompa is believed to be founded about 400 year ago by a monk, Mera Lama, who was the fifth Dalai Lama. The place is full of narrow streets and stone houses with around five hundred monks dwell. The main attractions of the place include an open library, which contains old scriptures, well painted tapestries, rare hand written manuscripts of spiritual books and gold lettered Buddhist scripts. Here we can see the Tibetan influence in the wooden windows and other decorations. The Tawang Gompa is also abode to the eighteen foot tall Buddha sculpture at the entrance gate, which is artistically bedecked with paintings. The ceiling is decorated with Buddhism folklore. People from different parts of the world visit the Tawang Monastery to pray and meditate. Research scholars are also regular visitors.

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