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Unakoti Hill Tourism

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The Unakoti Tirtha is an exceptional traveler spot, supreme compared to other similar places in the whole country, mainly for its absolute magnificence. Unakoti is generally recognized for its rare stone and rock cut images built during the seventh, eighth and ninth centuries. .The place is prosperous with a lot of rock-cut statues, whereas majority of them are built from huge rock-cut sculptures. There are also quite a few made from sandstone. Further, there are three huge images of Nandi Bull, where it’s half is out in the open and other half is buried in the ground. Another one people should not miss is a 3 eyed stature most probably that of Surya Deva or the Lord Vishnu is also there. But many archeologists believe that it should be an impact of the Shiva cult influenced by more than a few other cults like Tantric, Hatha and Shakti yogis. Other attractions include green vegetations all around the place that make the atmosphere lush green.

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