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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa Information

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Goa is so popular to the world for its beaches and churches. But the state is not just limited to beaches and churches; we can also found several Wildlife Sanctuaries in the state along the hilly Western Ghats, which is an abode to a range of different birds and animals. Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa Information, accounts about 20% of whole Goa. They will be opened to the visitors all days, even though the months from October to March are best to visit.

The two major sanctuaries of the state include Bhagwan Mahavir and Cotigao. Mollem National Park is a part of Bhagwan Mahvir, where the striking Dudhsagar Falls is located. In Dudhsagar Falls, the water falls down from a massive height during the last days of monsoon season, which is worth a watch. There are also several home stays, resorts and mud huts available in both of the sanctuaries for tourists. In addition to that, Goa Forest Department is also providing lodging facilities.

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