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Stories Related to the Origin of Matters

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Exploring the human history is indeed a fascinating journey that unearths amazing and interesting facts. The fascinating, entertaining and often extraordinary stories behind everyday things that are as essential as our basic needs."The stories of Firsts" is not an encyclopedia of inventions. Rather, it provides you a chronology of a wide range of "firsts" that have contributed to modern life as it is lived today. "First" as used here, means the first in the modern world; the listing of an item does not exclude the possibility that it may have been known to ancient civilizations in another form earlier.Whether the stories behind the objects all around us are clearly documented in historical records or disputed even by experts, the origins described and shared one common characteristics. They all reveal the marvelous and invincible ingenuity of the human mind, Which for countless generations, had made progress possible.

Weapons: Early days, the ancient people lived in the caves because they were afraid of wild animals. However, the wild animals were attacked the people, they were escaped by throwing the stones on the wild animals. By this they found that the sharp edged stones were easily hurt the animals quickly. Because of those, they sharpened there stones by striking to another stones. This led to the invention of making weapons, tools and spheres.Later by the invention of the metals like Bronze, Iron, Copper etc..They were made the weapons by this metals.

Fire: In Early days, the ancient people were wandering in the forest. One day a man was striking the stone to another stone to make the weapons and tools for killing the animals. By the continuous striking, he saw that there is a light were come out, after the striking. This led to the invention of fire.Later, the people were used the fire for cooking the food, for light etc. The invention of fire led to a great advance in their life.
Clothes: One day, a man was wandering through the forest. It was a winter season, so the man was shivering with cold. Because of the tiredness and shivering, he was sitting under the tree. Suddenly he saw an animal leather was near these tree. He take the leather and cover his body with the leather. He feels very hot. This incidents leds to the invention of clothes or dresses. Later, man invented new types of Silks and other materials to make a cloth.

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