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Gandhari Amman Kovil Trivandrum

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Gandhari Amman Kovil is a popular temple in Trivandrum, which is situated in between Pulimoodu and Statue Junction. The temple is hardly 1.5 away from the Trivandrum Central Railway Station. Goddess Gandhari Amman is the main lord worshipped here. Other sub deities in Gandhari Amman Kovil are Lord Ganapathy, Lord Nagarajan and the Lord Manthramoorthi.  People from different places flows to this temple to worship the goddess. Chithra Poornima is the major festival celebrated here, which is held during the month of May.

Main Deity:                              Gandhari Amman
Sub Deities:                              Ganapathy, Nagarajan, Manthramoorthi
Phone Number :                  
Location :                                  Thampanoor
Built in :                        

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