Dakshina Art Gallery in Kowdiar, Trivandrum

Dakshina Art Gallery is located near Golf Club at Kowdiar, which is at about six kilometers away from Trivandrum Central Railway Station. The main goal of this Art Gallery is to encourage Kerala's ancient traditional painting and sculptures. The gallery of Dakshina Art Gallery is housed within a Kerala style architectural building. A studio that focusing towards the tropical forests of the Kowdiar Palace, where the Travancore royal family members still resides is one of the major attraction of this gallery. Another attraction of this gallery is oil paintings with brass, acrylic and several metals. Other attractions like wall paintings, sculptures designs, Thanjavur paintings, and traditional equipments are also shown here.

Name: Dakshina Art Gallery
Phone: 2435251
Location: Near Golf Club, Kowdiar
District: Trivandrum
State: Kerala