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Kuthiramalika Palace Museum is located adjacent to Padmanabhaswamy Temple in East Fort, Trivandrum. The palace was built by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma (1813-1834 AD). The palace is full of wood carvings built with traditional Travancore architectural method.  The palace displays a row of paintings of earlier Travancore rulers from Marthanda Varma to Chitra Thirunal. Also it displays several household materials, ornaments used in the past by the Royal Family and the firearms, weapons and guns captured from the dutch army.  
Kuthiramalika is built by the sculptors from Thanjavur. The roofs are designed elegantly which is one of the main attractions of this Palace. It is said that around 1000 people worked for almost 4 years to build the palace. An outstanding monument of 122 horses is attached to the palace. Also the roof beams of the palace are carved with the face of horses. So the name Kuthiramalika. 'Dantasimhasana' (King’s Throne) made of ivory is the most attractive sight in this palace. Other attractions of this palace include 14 life-size figures portraying different scenes from the Kerala myths in the form of Kathakali. Magnificent ivory cots, a musical tree that produces the eight 'swaras' when tapped, etc are other attractions of this palace museum. There are sixteen rooms in the palace and these sixteen rooms are built in different patterns. The Verandah Ceilings are scattered with floral decorations. Enormous Belgium mirrors fixed on the wall and a library made with full of woods are another attractions.

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum became a home for many great musicians during Swathi Thirunal’s rule, including the renowned Thanjavur Quartet brothers, Kannayya Bhagavathar (Tyagaraja's follower), Ananthapadmanabha Goswami (Maharashtrian singer), Shadkala Govinda Marar, are prominent among them. Swathi Thirunal spent much of his time in this palace for composing many of his musical pieces. Also he spent his last days in this palace.
Swathi Sangeethotsavam:  Swathi Sangeethotsavam is a week long festival of music featuring entirely the masterpiece compositions of Swathi Thirunal which was held in Kuthira Malika. This musical event is performed every year from January 6th to 12th.

Visiting hours: Except Monday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and from 3 to 5.30 pm.
Phone: 0471 2473942
Entrance fee: Adults: Rs 10, Children: Rs 3, Foreigners: Rs 20,
Camera Permit (Outside Palace): Rs. 15
Statues are built to remember a historical incident, or the life of a significant individual. A lot of statues are projected as public art, showed in outdoors or in municipal buildings, in order to publicize their achievements with a larger extent than ordinary words. Trivandrum city owns several statues of freedom fighters, Travancore rulers, political leaders and others.  This is an effort taken by the people of Trivandrum to show their responsibility towards them.

1. Statue of Rajiv Gandhi 
Rajiv Gandhi (1944 –1991) became the seventh Prime Minister of India at the age of forty and was also the youngest prime minister of India. He was the son of Indra Gandhi and his wife is the current Indian National Congress President,Sonia Gandhi. The Statue of Rajiv Gandhi is located at the Chenkanchulla Junction near the Thampanoor.

2. Statue of Dr. B.R Ambedkar
Dr. B.R Ambedkar (1891-1956) also known as Baba Sahib is the architect of Indian Constitution. He was not only a Politian but also a philosopher, thinker, writer and also a Buddhist. People call him as the father of Indian Legal Constitution. The Statue of Ambedkar in Trivandrum is located at the legislative assembly complex of Kerala Government.

3. Statue of Raja Sir T. Madhava Rao
Sir T. Madhava Rao (1828-1891) served as an Indian Statesman and he established the Travancore as a model state when he went there in 1858. Madhava Rao is born at Cambaconum in Madras Presidency and is also the son of a Dewan of Travancore. He is also known in the name of Madhava Rao Thanjavurkar. It is one of the popular sculptures in Trivandrum, which is located in front of Secretariat at Statue Junction.

4. Statue of Kerala Panini A R Rajaraja Varma
A R. Rajaraja Varma, who lives during the period between 1863 and 1918, was an Indian poet and a grammatician. He is a professor by profession and has worked at Maharaja's College (today it is University College).His statue is located inside the University College Compound.

5. Statue of Sri Pattam Thanupillai
Pattam Thanupillai (1885-1970) was a freedom fighter who takes part in the Indian Independence movement. He also served as the Chief Minister of Kerala for about two and a half years. His statue was located in front of the VJT hall.

6. Statue of Maha Kavi Kumaran Asan
Kumaran Asan is a famous Malayalam poetry, who has contributed much to the Malayalam language. He laid a revolution in Malayalam poetry during the earlier years of twentieth century and is also one among the Modern triumvirate poets of Malayalam Language.  The Statue of Maha Kavi Kumaran Asan is placed in front of Kerala University and is maintained regularly. The Square in which the statue is placed is called Asan Square. This Sculpture was unveiled in 12th April 1973 by the then president of India, Shri V.V. Giri.

7. Statue of Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma
Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma (1912-1991) is the last ruler of Travancore kingdom and also was the chancellor of Travancore University. The Statue of Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma is located inside the Kerala University Compound. This Sculpture was unveiled in 13th November 2001 by the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. C. Rangarajan.

8. Statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
Subhash Chandra Bose born in 23rd January1897 was a freedom fighter, who formed the Indian National Army and was the leader of the Indian Independence Movement. He is presumed to have died in August 18, 1945 The Statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose is located at the PMG Junction.

9. Statue of Sri T.M. Varghese
Sri T. M. Varghese (1886–1961) was a former minister, freedom fighter and a thorough politician from Kerala; He was also served in the position of the leader of Travancore State Congress. His Statue in Travancore was unveiled by the then President of India, Sri R. Venkattaraman. His statue was located at Kesavadasapuram.

10. Statue of  Mahakavi Ulloor
Mahakavi Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer (1877-1949) was a popular Malayalam poet who lived during the later half of 19th century and the first half of 20th century. Ulloor was one among the Modern triumvirate poets of Malayalam Language.  His statue was placed inside the Public Library Compound.

11.Statue of Swadesabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
Swadeshabhimani K. Ramakrishna Pillai (1878 - 1916) is a popular journalist and the editor of Newspaper Swadeshabhimani. He writes openly against the then Travancore Dewan P.Rajagopalari and his government, which results in his arrest and was later deported from Travancore in 1910. There are two statues for Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai in Trivandrum, one is at the Palayam which is just opposite to Rakthasakshi Mandapam and other is at the Swadesabhimani Park, near Krishna Swamy Temple in Neyyattinkara.

12. Statue of Sri G Devarajan                                             
Paravoor Govindan Devarajan was a popular Music Composer who has composed for more than 300 Malayalam films. He has also composed in other languages including 20 tamil and four kannada films. Most of his songs are remained as ever green songs in Malayalam film history. He has also got Kerala State Best Music Composer award for 5 times including other awards and honours. The Statue of Sri Devarajan Master is placed at the southern end of Manaveeyam Road at Althara Junction.

13. Statue of Sri Ayyankali
Ayyankali was the leader of lndian Lower Caste Dalits, whoplayed an important role in developing the lives of Dalits(Untouchables). His efforts were once praised by the Mahatma Gandhi, when he visited Venganoor, which is the home town of Ayyankali. The Statue of Sri Ayyankali was unveiled by the Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India in Vellayambalam and is one among the well maintained statues of Trivandrum which is surrounded by a beautiful garden.

14. Statue of Smt. Akkamma Cherian
Akkamma Cherian is one of the great freedom fighter from Travancore. She was popularly called as ‘The Jhansi Rani of Travancore’ by the people of Travancore. Her statue was located at the Vellayambalam, which is hardly 5 kilometers away from Travancore.

15. Statue of Sri Vayalar
Vayalar Rama Varma (1928-1975) was one of the popular lyricist and poet in kerala. He has wrote lyrics for more than 2000 songs in Malayalam films. His most favorite works includes Sargasangeetham, Padamudrakal Aayisha, Mulankaadu and Oru Judas Janikkunnu. The statue of Sri Vayalar Rama Varma is placed at the Manaveeyan Road.

16. Statue of Sri C Kesavan
C.Kesavan (1891-1969) was born in an Ezhava family, who served as the chief Minister of Travancore-Cochin during the period,1951-1952. He was a follower of Sree Naryanana Guru, Mahatma Gandhi and the also the thoughts of Karl Marx. He also worked as the general secretary of SNDP and thereby fought for the abolishment of untouchability. The statue of C.Kesavan was placed in front of Public Office.

17. The Mermaid at Shankumukham by Kanai Kunjiraman.
18. Mahatma Gandhi at Legislative Assembly
19. Nehru at Legislative Assembly
20. Lal Bahdur Sastri at Panavila Junction
21. Ponnara Sreedhar at Thampanoor
22. Hippocratus at Medical College
23. Mother and baby at Medical College
24. Kesari Balakrishna Pillai at Pulimood
25. K.Sukumaran at Pettah Railway Station
26. Sir T.Madhavan Nair
27. Velu Thambi Dalava at Secratraite
28. EMS at Niyamasabha
29. Amma Maharani at Karthika Thirunal Theatre
30. Sree Chitra Thirunal-Fort-Temple Entry Proclamation
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