Vizhinjam International Seaport Project

Vizhinjam International Seaport is a port planned at Vizhinjam, which is about sixteen kilometers away from Thiruvananthapuram City. With Vizhinjam being the southern most place in India beset by Arabian Sea, and Since, the port is gifted with a natural seawater deepness of up to twenty four meter, which is just as one marine mile from the coastline, is a perfect spot in south india to built a International Shipping Lane. During the last ten years, there has been a stable increase of container traffic at the Indian Ports. Due to the natural deepness, the port can draw large container ships currently available around the world. If this project happened, it can also create a center of attention for the future mammoth container ships. The spot needs only a minimum investment as project and maintenance cost to make it to international standards. 

Project Details :

The First phase of port development includes essential works like dredging, reclamation, construction of break-water, quay wall and others. These works will be taking up by the VISL (Vizhinjam International Seaport Limited.). After that, it is likely to be monitored by the Kerala government Land Acquisition, Road and Rail infrastructure Departments. Water and power required for the construction and operations will also be supplied by the respective authorities of kerala government. The terminal will be developed under Public Private Partnership or PPP basis. Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis will be used for completion of first Phase.
As of Now, Government has estimated a budget of Rs. 6595 crore. The first phase including dredging, reclamation, construction of break-water, quay wall and others cost is estimated as 3040 crore. Government of Kerala will fund 1130 crore as equity and the remaining amount will be collected through loans and bonds from various banks and institutions.

Benefits :

1. Vizhinjam will become a central to both eastern and western coast lines of India, as it is the southernmost port of Asian sub continent which results in managing the needs between two Indian coast lines as well as international needs.

2. It is located just ten to twelve marine miles from the busy Persian Gulf - Malacca shipping lanes, which enjoys the credit of world’s third most shipping traffic.

3. The planned transshipment terminal will be a perfect spot for magnetizing the mainline containers varying from Post Panamax to Malacca-max. Thus giant ships can easily land in timely manner one by one.

4. The planned location has least Littoral drift and as such would barely need any maintenance dredging and operation cost for years. It may result in low Operate and Maintenance Costs.

5. The Tourism sector will boom as we all know that kerala is one among the top 10 paradise in the world reported by National Geographic.

6. People believe that if this project happened, the chances for Trivandrum to become a metro city are high as it will create more job opportunities, flock of people and hike in land rates along with  more developments in the city.

How to Reach ?

Trivandrum International Airport: 12 kilometers
Trivandrum Central Railway station: 16 kilometers