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PSC Class 40: Boundaries of India

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Boundaries of India:

1. India shares boundaries with seven countries. They are Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmmar, Bhutan and Afganistan. The biggest country that share boundary with India is china and the smallest country that share boundary is Bhutan.

2. Bangladesh is the neighboring country that share more boundary that other countries and is about 4096.7 km. India share 3488 km with china, whereas 3323 km with Pakistan. Afghanistan is the country that shares least boundary with India. 15,1096 km is the total land boundary of India.

3. Radcliffe Line is the boundary line that splits Pakistan and India. Mac Mohan Line splits China and India. Durant Line is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Palk Strait splits India and Srilanka.

4. Jammu and Kashmir is the state in India that shares its boundary with Most Countries.Uttar Pradesh is the state that shares boundary with most states of India. Sikkim and Meghalaya are the states that shares with only one neighboring State. ie, Sikkim with with West Bengal and Meghalaya with Assam.

5. The only district in kerala that shares boundary with neighbouring state is Wayanad. Sulthan Bathery is the only taluk in Kerala, that shares boundary with two states - Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

6. Kottayam is the only district in Kerala that have no sea coast and also no boundary the neighboring state of India.  

7. The Union Territory of India that is located inside the three states is Puducherry.

8. The 49th parallel line splits both USA and Canada. It ia also the lengthiest boundary between two countries in the world. The 16th parallel line splits both Namibia and Angola. The 38th parallel line splits both South Korea and North Korea.

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