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PSC Class 58: Central Armed Police Forces

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Central Armed Police Force:

1. The People's Armed Force of China is the world's largest military force.

2. India in No:2 position in military force.

3. CRPF is the largest of India's Central Armed Police Forces.

4. Assam Rifles is the oldest Central Armed Police Force of India. It is earlier known in the name of "Cacher Levy".

5. Cacher Levy was established in 1835. Assam rifles got its name in 1917. It is also known as Watchman of north east parts of India. Assam Rifles in 1959 helped Dalai Lama to enter India.

6. CRPF is earlier known in the name of Crown Representative's Police and It came into existence on 27 July 1939.

7. Shillong of Meghalaya is the head Quaters of Assam Rifles.

8.The first semi armed forces, that woman battalion came into existence is in CRPF.

9. CRPF established in 1949.

10. CISF (Central Industrial Security force) have the protection role of Trade Institutions and other major institutions. It was in 1969 March 10, the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) is formed.

11. The motto of Border Security Force is "Duty upon Death".

12. BSF was founded in 1965,

13. December. Rapid Action Force (RAF) is the armed force formed to abolish religious riots and other violences. RAF came into existence in 1992 October.

14. CRPF has the agency "Green Force" for prevention of Ecological or Enviornmental activities.

15. Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has the slogan, "Shaurya, Dridata, Karm Nishtha" which means "Valour, Determination, Devotion to Duty".

16. ITBP is founded in 1962, October.

17. Political Rifles is the Central armed force formed in 1990 for prevention from Terrorist attacks in Kashmir.

18. General BC Joshi, is the army head, who took the steps for the formation of Political Rifles.

19. Home Guards is the semi Armed forces that engage in the relief works of environmental disasters and others domestic emergency cases.

20. Arunachal Pradesh is the only state, where there is no Home Guards.

21. Black Cats are the semi armed guards fall under the category of National Security Guards (NSG).

22. Special Protection Group is a NSG which serves the duty of protecting the Prime Minister and relatives of PM, and also for VVIPs.

23. Sashastra Seema Bal handles the protection of Border places of India with Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

24. COBRA force (Commando Battalion for Resolute Action ) in india is formed in 2008 for abolishing the Naxilites. COBRA is working under CRPF.

25. Greyhounds is the special wing formed by Andhra Pradesh Goernment for abolishing the Naxilites.


1. Black Cats are the special Commandos of Section NSG (National Security Guards).

2. It is mainly formed for restricting the plane hijack, kidnapping and terrorist attacks.

3. NSG came into existence in 1985.

4. Special Protection Group (SPG) is the special commando formed for the protection of VVIPs including Prime Ministers.

5. SPG was formed upon report from Birbal Nath Committee of 1985.

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