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PSC Class 51: Cultural Institutions of India

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Cultural Institutions of India: 

1. The current name of Asiatic Society of bengal is Asiatic Society.

2. Asiatic Society was established in Kolkata on 1784, January 14th.

3. It was in 1954 March 12th, the Kendra Sahithya Academi started (established in 1952 December 15).

4. Raveendra Bhavan of New Delhi is the head quaters of Kendra Sahitya Academi.

5. Kendra Sahitya Academi Fellowship is the highest sahitya Award given by indian Government.

6. Dr S Radhakrishnan in 1968 got the first award for Kendra Sahitya Academi Fellowship.

7. Vaikom Muhammad Basheer got Kendra Sahitya Academi Fellowship Award in 1970 and is the first Malayalee to receive that award.

8. Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai is the first malayalee who got both kendra sahithya academy fellowship and also the Jnanpith Award.

9. R.Narayanapanicker was the first recipient of Kerala Sahitya Academy Award for Kerala Bhasha Sahitya Charitram in 1955.

10. Kendra Sahitya Academi officially accepted 24 languages in India.

11. K. Ravi Verma for Ganadevata in 1989 got the Kendra Sahitya Award for vivarthanam (translation). He is the first malayalee to receive that award for vivarthanam.

12. The only malayalee women who got Kendra Sahitya Academi Fellowship Award is Balamani Amma in 1994.

13. The first president of Sahitya Academi is Jawaharlal Nehru.

14. The English work of Sahitya Academi is Indian Literature.

15. The current name of national academy of arts is Lalithakala Academy.Lalithakala Academy was founded in 1964 with its head quaters at New Delhi.

16. The Sangeetha Nadaka Academi was founded in 1953 January.Its headquaters is located at New Delhi.

17. National School of Drama started in 1959 with its headquarters at New Delhi.

18. Bharat Rang Mahotsav otherwise called as National Theatre Festival started in 1999 is the annual festival of National School of Drama with its headquaters at New Delhi.

19. National Library in Kolkata is the biggest library in Kolkata established in 1948. It is located at Belvedere Estate of Kolkata.

20. Imperial Records Department (IRD) came into existence in 1891 is now known in the name of National Archives of India.

21. The headquarters of Anthropological Survey of India is located at Kolkata. It started its working in 1949.

22. It was in 1861, the Archaeological Survey of India founded with its head quarters at New Delhi.

23. National Museum in Delhi is the biggest Museum in India established in 1949.

24. National Gallery of Modern Arts is established in New Delhi in 1954.

25. Indian Museum was located at Kolkata.

26. Salar Jung Museum is an art museum located at Hyderabad.

27. Central Reference Library is located at Kolkata.

28. Rukmini Devi Arundale is the Art Temple which established in chennai in 1936.

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