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PSC Class 54: Indian Military Army

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Indian Military Army Details: 

1. Indian Military Day: January 1.

2. There are seven commandos in Indian Military Army.

3. The southern command of Indian Army is located at Pune.

4. General Sir Francis Robert Roy Bucher is the last British General of Indian Militant Army.

5. Field Marshal KM Cariappa is the first general of Indian Military Army.

6. SHFJ Manekshaw is the first Field Marshal of Indian Military Force.

7. General is the highest rank of Indian Military.

8. Arjun is the tank developed domestically by Indian Military.

9. Pinaka is the Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System domestically developed by Military Force.

10. The Vijayanta was the first indigenous built in India.

11. The first Indian to get Parama Veera Chakra after being killed while in service of UN Peace Army is called Gurbachan Singh Salaria.

12. The first military officer who got Parama Veera Chakra is Major Som Nath Sharma.

13. Avadi Heavy Vehicles Factory of Madras is taken the responsibility of production of war tankers.

14. The National Defense Academy in Khadakwasla of Pune is the institution who is responsible for training the officers for Indian Armed Forces. (Military, Airforce, Navy)

Indian Army Commands and Headquarters:

01. Central Command - Lucknow
02. Eastern Command - Kolkata
03. Northern Command - Udhampur
04. Western Command - Chandimandir
05. Southern Command - Pune
06. South Western Command - Jaipur
07. Army Training Command - Shimla

Indian Army Ranks:

01. Field Marshal
02. General
03. Lieutenant General
04. Major General
05. Brigadier
06. Colonel
07. Lieutenant Colonel
08. Major
09. Captain
10. Lieutenant
11. Second Lieutenant
12. Subedar Major
13. Subedar
14. Naib subedar
15. Quartermaster Havildar
16. Havildar
17. Naik
18. Lance Naik
19. Sepoy or Sipahi or Jawan

Indian Military Academy:

1. The National Defense College is located at New Delhi.

2. Indian Military Academy is located at Dehra Dun.

3. The National Defense Academy is located at Khadakwasla of Maharashtra.

4. Officer Training Academy is located at Chennai.

5. College of Combat is located at Mau of Madhya Pradesh (Army War College).

6. Hi Altitude War Fair school is located at Gulmarg of Jammu and Kashmir.

7. Counter-Insurgency is the jungle warfare School located at Vairengte, Mizoram.

8. Defense Services Staff College is located at Wellington of Ooty Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu.

9. Armed Forces Medical College is located at Pune.

Armed Force Medical College (AFMC):

AFMC came into existence in 1948. AFMC is built upon advice from BC Roy Committee. It is located at Pune.

National Defense College (NDC):

1. The National Defense College (NDC) is located at New Delhi. It came into existence in 1960.

2. VK Krishna Menon introduced the Sainik Schools. The Sainik Schools are started in 1961.

3. RIMC is located at Dehradun. It came into existence in 1922 March 13.

4. Junior Leaders Wing is located at Belgaum. Junior Leaders Academy is located at Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh.

5. The Infantry School is located at Mhow of Mahya Pradesh. It is the biggest and oldest training center of Indian Army.

6. Army Air Defense College (AADC) is located at Gopalpur.

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