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PSC Class 56: Indian Navy

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Indian Navy Details:

1. Indian Navy was formed in 1934.

2. Indian Navel Force Day - December 4.

3. The slogan of Indian Navel Force is "May the Lord of the Oceans be auspicious to us".

4. Vice Admiral RD Katari is the first navel force head of India.

5. Vice Admiral Sir Stephen Hope Carlill is the last British Vice Admiral. Sir Stephen Hope Carlill is the last british head of Indian Navy.

6. INS Vikrant is the first aircraft carrier ship of Indian Army. It was decommissioned in 1997.

7. The first nuclear Submarine of INF that lend from Russia is INS Chakra.

8. The Shipyards that built warships of India is in Visakhapatnam and Mazagon of Mumbai.

9. India domestically developed the Submarine in order to launch the Ballistic missile called Sagarika.

10. India developed first nuclear submarine called INS Arihant.

11. It was in 2009 July 26, the wife of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Gursharan Kaur submitted it to the nation.

12. The domestic Warplane ship of India is built in Cochin Shipyard.

13. INS Shalki (S46) was the first ever submarine to be built in India.

14. INS Delhi is the biggest modern warship built by India.

15. It was in Kannur District of Ezhimala, the kerala commissioned Navel Academy (in 2005 April) is located.

16. INS Prahar is the speediest missile boat of INF.

17. The biggest Naval Base of Karnataka is INS Kadamba in Karwar.

18. Project Sea Bird is the name of first phase of this Project.

19. There are three commandos for Naval Force. Eastern Navel Command (Vishakhapatnam), Western Naval Command (Mumbai) and Southern Naval Command (Kochi).

20. The Navel Materials Research Laboratory is located at Ambarnath.

21. Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory or NPOL is located at Kochi.

22. Naval Science and Technological Laboratory is located at Visakhapatnam.

23. Indian Navel Army's special command section is MARCOS.

24. The US Peace protection Operation by Indian Navel Force in Somalian coast is known in the name of Operation Restore Hope.

25. The Operation Rainbow by INF is done for helping the Tsunami Victims in Srilanka.

26. Operation Castor by INF is done for helping the Tsunami Victims of Maldives in 2004.

27. Operation Gambhir by INF is done for helping the Tsunami Victims of Indonesia.

28. Operation Sukoon is the operation conducted by INF to help the indian citizens for return back to india from war areas due to Isreal - Lebanon War.

29. The Operation Sea Waves was a disaster relief operation conducted by Indian Armed Forces to help the Tsunami victims of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

30. Operation Madad was a disaster relief operation undertaken by Indian Armed Forces is conducted to help the Tsunami victims of both Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

31. INS Tarangini is the Indian Navy's world voyaged training ship.

32. Barak 1 is an Israeli surface-to-air missile (SAM) designed as a missile system against aircraft.

33. USS Trenton is the war ship that india bought from America.

34. The name of USS Trenton is changed to INS Jalashwa (L41).

35. The first Stealth warship built domestically by Indian Navy is INS Shivalik.

36. The Stealth warship built by Russia for Indian Navy is INS Talwar and INS Trishul.

37. The Navel Academies are located at Goa, Ezhimala and Karwar.

38. The first submarine of India which is used for the purpose of launching the Missile is INS Sindhurashtra (S65).

Submarine Museum:

The first Submarine Museum of India is INS Kursura (S20). It is located at the sreekrishna Beach of Vishakhapatnam. It is also the first museum of South Asia. It was inaugrated in 2001 February 27th.

Indian Navy Ranks:

1. Admiral
2. Vice Admiral
3. Rear Admiral
4. Commodore
5. Captain
6. Commander
7. Lieutenant  Commander
8. Lieutenant
9. Sub Lieutenant

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