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PSC Class 60: Investigation Agencies of Govt of India

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Investigation Agencies of Govt of India:

1. CBI is the most important investigation agency. Central Bureau of Investigation is the full name of CBI.

2. CBI was earlier a society called Special Police Establishment. Special Police Establishment came into existence in 1941.

3. CBI was established in April 1st, 1963. The CBI earlier handled the corruption cases of Central Government Employees.

4. DP Kohli is the founded director of CBI. D Zen is the CBI Director who was in the position for most years.

5. Economic Corruptions, Murder, Kidnapping and Terrorism were handled by CBI from 1965 onwards.

6. Newdelhi is the head quarters of CBI. Anti Corruption Division, Special Crime Division etc are two investigation sections of CBI.

7. The CBI Office of Kerala is located at Kochi.

8. CBI is the investigation agency that represents Interpol in India.

9. CBI is working under the jurisdiction of the Government of India.

10. CBI is located at Ghaziabad of Uttar Pradesh.

11. Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) established in 1968, is located at New Delhi. It is working under CBI.

12. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is the external intelligence agency of India. It was established in 1968. RAW is similar to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of America.

13. R. N. Kao is the founder of RAW. Hormis Tharakan is the keralite, who became the chief of the Research and Analysis Wing. RAW is working under the control of Prime Minister.

14. Intelligence Bureau (IB) is the internal intelligence agency of India which came into existence in 1947.

15. Intelligence Bureau (IB) is working under Central Cabinet Section.

16. Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China (MSS) is the security agency of China.

17. Mossad is the security agency of Israel.

18. MI5 and MI6 are the security agency of Britain.

19. Scotland Yard is the head Quarters of London Police of England.

20. ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) is the security agency of Pakistan. The full form of America’s major security agency is CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

21. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is an internal intelligence agency of America.

22. Criminal Investigation Department (CID) came under the investigation agency of Police in India.

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