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PSC Class 50: Telephones Services in India

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Telephones Services in India:

1. The first telegraph lines in India are connected between Kolkata and Diamond Harbor in 1851.

2. Telephone services came into existence for the first time in 1881 - 82 in Kolkata.

3. The ISD facility was first introduced between India and London, the capital of Great Britain.

4. BSNL came into existence in October 1, 2000.

5. TRAI came into existence in 1997.

6. The cities that BSNL services are not available are Mumbai and Delhi.

7. MTNL started in 1986 is the telecom service provider of Mumbai and Delhi.

8. The first cellphone service was provided in India is for New Delhi in 1995.

9. Airtel is the first private cell phone service provider in India. It is also the biggest telephone service provider in India.

10. World Telecommunication Day - May 17.

11. SIM Card is the Term Related to Mobile Phone.

12. Subscriber Identity Module is the fullform of SIM.

13. Martin Looper is the father of Mobile Phones.

14. Motorola is the first company to release Mobile Phone in the world.

15. The full form of STD is Subscriber Trunk Dialing. The full form of ISD is Inter National Subscriber Dialling. Public call office is PCO and National Subscriber Dialling is NSD.

16. The first Automatic Telephone Exchange in India was came into existence in shimla in 1913 - 1914.

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