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PSC Class 59: The Armed Forces - Different Facts

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The Armed Forces - Different Facts:

1. The first station of Indian Armed Forces outside India is Tajikistan Station.

2. Robert Clive started the cantonments in india for first time.

3. The biggest cantonment of india is located in Bathinda of Punjab.

4. The cantonment of kerala is located at kannur.

5. The headquarters of Indian Army is located at Red Fort of Delhi.

6. The first united command of Indian army came into existence in 2001.

7. The first united command of Indian Army came into existence in 2001 and it is Andaman and Nicobar Commands.

8. The first commander-in-chief of this command is Vice Admiral Arun Prakash.

9. Most of the military officers were formed under Eastern Command of Military Forces.

10. The base Deppo "INS Samudiri" is commisioned under Ezhimala (Kannur) Navel Academy in 2005 April.

11. The first ordnance factory was established in 1881. and its's name is "Gun Shell Factory". It was established in Cossipore, Kolkata.

12. OTA (Officers Training Academy) in Chennai recruited women for first time in 2003 March.

13. DIA was established in 2002.

14. Field Maeshall KM Kariappa is the first officer to get the ranks - Lieutenant colonel, Commanding officer, Brigadier and General.

15. The first Field Marshal is SHFJ Manekshaw. It was in 1973, he became Field Marshal.

16. Another Field Marshal, KM Kariappa is senior than Manekshaw. But the kariappa got the field Marshal rank, after his retirement.

17. The first COAS of Indian Military is M. Rajinder Singh.

18. The first Commander in Chief from India is General KM Kariappa. The commander-in-chief rank was stopped in 1955. In the same year COAS rank started.

19. Major Stringer Lawrence is the father of Modern Indian Army.

20. The Central Armed Police Force in India, that tooks the protection of Airports and other trade institutions are CISF (Central Industrial Security Force).

21. The first commander-in-chief of Indian Army is Major Stringer Lawrence.

22. The Indian Military College of Dehradun got the honor of Supplier of Military Officers to three countries of world. They are Field Marshal SHFJ Manekshaw (India), General Smith Dun (Burma), General Ali Ashraf khan and General Muhammad Musa (Both Pakistan) are the officers who became the generals of their countries.

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