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PSC Class 137: Deserts in the World

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Deserts in the World: About one fifth of land in Earth is Desert.

Deserts are normally found in the Earth in the places having Latitude 15 degree 35 degree. These places will get only 250 mm (25 cm or 10 in) of precipitation each year.

The biggest desert of world is Sahara. Sahara has an area of 9 million square kilometers. The 28 percent land of earth belongs to Sahara Desert.

Kalahari in Africa is called as Fossil Desert.

The Bushmen people are located in this Desert.

The world's largest diamond mine is Orapa diamond mine and it is located in Kalahari (Botswana). Antarctica is considered as a desert continent.

Atacama Desert located in South America is considered as the driest hot desert in the world. It extends in the countries, Chile and Peru.

The Gobi desert is extended in the countries, China and Mongolia.

The Thar Desert is extended in the States of India, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat.

In Pakistan, Thar is known in the name of Cholistan Desert.

Little Sahara is located in Australia.

The continent which has least desert is Europe.

17th June is celebrated as World Day to Combat Desertification.

2006 is celebrated as the International Year of Deserts and Desertification.

Great Sandy and Simpson are deserts in Australia

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