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PSC Class 133: Earth – Atmosphere

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The atmosphere of Earth is mainly divided into four as Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere (Ionosphere).

The atmospheric pressure is occurred due to the weight of air. The atmospheric pressure reduces to 50 percent from about five kilometer above the ground level of earth.

The troposphere is the lowest layer of atmosphere and it extends upto 12 km above the surface of earth. It extends from 8 to 18 kilometer above earth’s surface. It was in troposphere, all weather changes occurs. The temperature decreases as going above the troposphere. The troposphere contains about 80% of the mass of Earth's atmosphere.

The stratosphere is the second lowest layer of atmosphere and is above troposphere. Tropopause splits both troposphere and stratosphere. The temperature increases as going above the stratosphere. The Ozone layer is located at about 20 to 50 kilometers away from earth’s surface. Stratosphere is perfect layer for the travel of Jets. Stratopause splits both Stratosphere and Mesosphere. It extends from 50 to 80 kilometer above earth’s surface.

The temperature decreases as going above the Mesosphere. The Noctilucent clouds known in the name of Night Shining are also located in Mesosphere. These are the highest clouds from Earth. The mesosphere is also the layer where the meteors burn up upon atmospheric entry. So this region is also called as Meteor region. Mesopause splits both Mesosphere and Thermosphere.

Thermosphere layer is located at about 80 to 400 kilometer from Earth’s surface. The temperature increases as going above the Thermosphere. The layer above Thermosphere is called as Exosphere. The temperature will rise up to 2500 degree Celsius in Exosphere.

The Space starts from 100 kilometers above earth’s Surface and this boundary is called as Karman Line.

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