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PSC Class 135: Earth – Clouds

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Clouds are formed from the evaporation of water from oceans and large lakes due to heat from sun.

Clouds are formed in the Troposphere layer.

Clouds are divided into three as High Clouds, Middle Clouds and Low Clouds.

The examples of high clouds are cirrus, cirrocumulus and cirrostratus. These clouds are found at about five kilometers above from Earth’s surface.

The shape of Cirrus clouds are Wispy. Cirrostratus clouds form rings surrounding the sun and the moon where as cirrocumulus clouds form white Mackerel Sky.

Altocumulus and Altostratus are examples for Middle Clouds. These clouds are found at about two to five kilometer above the earth’s surface.

Stratus, Nimbostratus and Stratocumulus are Low clouds found at a maximum of two kilometers above earth’s surface.

The normal color of clouds is white became Clouds reflects all colors of Sun.

Contrail are the lengthy cloud formed from the passage of jets.

Nacreous Clouds are found in Stratosphere layer and Noctilucent Clouds are found in Mesosphere.

Nephology is the study of Clouds. 

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