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PSC Class 136: Earth - Eclipses

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Solar Eclipse is formed when Moon comes the middle of both Earth and Sun;

While Lunar Eclipse is formed when Earth comes in the middle of both Moon and Sun.

Solar Eclipse is commonly formed that Lunar Eclipse. Balley’s Beads and Diamond rings are related to Solar Eclipse.

Eclipse will be formed only if Sun,

Moon and Earth come straight. Partial Solar Eclipse,

Total Solar Eclipse and Annular Solar Eclipse are the types of Solar Eclipses.

When Moon is too far away from Earth, then it is called Annular Solar Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse happens in Dark Moon Day and Lunar Eclipse happens in Full Moon Day.

Corona surrounds the Sun and other celestial bodies commonly found during Annular Solar Eclipse.

Path of Totality is the places in Earth where we can see Annular Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse can be viewed only for two minutes in a place.

It is danger to view the sun through naked eyes during Solar Eclipse. But we can view the Lunar Eclipse.

Saros cycle is the cycle of eclipses. 18 Years 11 days and 8 hours need for a Saros cycle.

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