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PSC Class 138: Earth - Latitude and Longitude

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Latitude and Longitude is used to find the distance, time in earth’s surface.

Latitude is used to find the distance from Equator to Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

Longitude is used to find the time of a particular place in Earth.

The weather and climate of a particular place can be found using Latitude. The latitude of Equator is zero degree. Latitude is also called as Parallels. North Pole is 90 degree North latitude and South Pole is 90 degree South latitude. 111 kilometers is the difference between two latitudes.

The Equator splits both Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

Prime Meridian passes through the Greenwich of London.

International Date Line passes through the 180 degree Meridian. The either sides of International Date Line have a difference of one day. The International Date Line passes through the regions of Bering Strait, Fiji, Tonga Island.

The Earth is divided into 24 time zones. Russia has the most time zones in world. Russia has 11 time zones.

The India Standard Time is five and half hours more than Greenwich Mean Time. If Greenwich Mean Time is 10 o’ clock, then Indian Standard time is 3:30 o’ clock.

March 21 and September 23 are the days that Sun comes opposite to Equator. These days are called as Equinox.

The Equator passes through the countries, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia and Indonesia. The Equator places are famous for Rain Forests.

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