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PSC Class 146: Earth – Rivers in the World

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Earth – Rivers in the World:

The biggest river in the world is Amazon. Amazon flows in South America. It mainly flows through Brazil. The Amazon falls in the South Atlantic Ocean. Amazon has the most tributaries in the world.

The longest river in the world is Nile in Egypt. The river Nile falls in Mediterranean Sea.

The Congo River is in Africa. Congo River crosses Equator twice.

Volga River is located in Russia. The Volga River falls in Caspian Sea.

The Murray Darling River is located in Australia.

The Missouri Mississippi River is located in North America.

Yangtze in china is the longest river in Asia and it is the third longest river in the world.

The Huang He River in china is called as the Yellow river.

The Sindh River falls in Arabian Sea near Karachi. Sindh is the national river of Pakistan.

The river which flows through most of the capitals of Country is Danube. Danube is located in Europe.

There are 165 rivers in the world which have more than 1000 kilometer length.

Lena River is located in Russia.

Mekong is the major river flows in South East Asia. It flows through the countries of Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Mackenzie River is located in Canada.

Parana River is located in South America.

The Sao Francisco is a river that is located in Brazil.

Negro otherwise called as Black river is a tributary of Amazon River. Negro is located in South America.

Irrawaddy is a popular river in Myanmar.

Orange River flows in South of Africa.

Snake River is flowing in USA. Churchill River is located in Canada.

Magdalena River is located in Colombia of South America.

Milk River is flowing through the countries, America and Canada.

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