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PSC Class 139: Earth - Tides

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Tides are formed due to the gravitational force of moon and sun. The tides of oceans rise twice in a day. But the strong tides are formed during White moon and Dark moon days.

The interval between two tides is 12 hours and 25 minutes.

The tides in the days of White moon and dark moon are called Spring Tide.

Neap tides are weak tides.

The highest tide in the world is recorded in Bay of Fundy in Canada.

The highest tide in India is recorded in Okha of Gujarat.

Southampton in England records 4 tides daily.

The electricity is generating from tides in La Rance of France. In India, this type of electricity generating from tides is found in Gulf of Cambay in Kutch.

The major tide harbor in India is located at Kandla of Gujarat.

"Red tides" are produced by massive blooms of dinoflagellates.

Due to the spread of algal blooms, Red tides are formed in the sea. In some places, a large amount of fishes die due to the spread of algal blooms.

In 2004, September red tides formed near the coastal places of Kollam and Trivandrum district in Kerala.

According to the color of Algal blooms, they are divided as white tides, yellow tides and green tides. 

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