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PSC Class 142: Earth – Winds

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Earth – Winds:

Wind is the movement of Atmospheric air through the earth’s surface.

The speed of a wind should be around 5 to 9 kilometer per hour.

The sea wind flows in Day Time and land wind flows in Night Time.

The speed of storm is about 52 km/hr to 96 km/hr.

Tornado winds are the strongest storm. Fujita scale is used for recording the strength of Tornado storm.

Saffir Simpson Scale is used to record the strength of Hurricane.

The Beaufort scale is used to record the strength of wind.

The direction and pressure of wind is recorded through Anemometer.

Isotachs is a weather map, where winds of equal speeds have been recorded.

Hectopascal (hpa) is used to measure atmospheric pressure. 100 Pascals is equal to one Hectopascal. 1 millibar is equal to 1 hectopascal.

Italian Scientist, Torricelli discovered Barometer for first time.

The average atmospheric pressure that the ocean surface produces is equal to 1013.2 hpa.

 In the equator region, upto 5 degree latitude in both sides of equator, due to heavy heat the wind flows upwards. So in this region there is no heavy wind and these regions is called as Doldrums.

The south and north of equator region with 30 degree latitudes is called as Horse Latitude. In this region, only weak wind flows.

The loo is the dry summer wind that blows in North Indian States.

Norwesters are local thunderstorm winds that blow in the regions of West Bengal and Assam.

Foehn is a type of dry, warm, wind that occurs in the Alps mountain ranges of Europe.

Chinook winds also called as snow eater, occurs on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. Mistral wind occurs in Europe and Harmattan wind occurs in West Africa. Harmattan winds are popular in the name of “Doctor”.

Levant wind blows in the Mediterranean region.

The word “monsoon” literally comes from the Arabic word “mausim“.

Captain Henry Piddington coined the name “cyclone” for the storms in Bay of Bengal.

Radiosonde is an instrument used to measure various atmospheric parameters and weather conditions.

A hydrometer is a device used to calculate the specific gravity.

Aila is the cyclone formed in Bay of Bengal in 2009 May.

Nargis Cyclone is formed in April, 2008.

Gonu Cyclone formed in Arabian Sea resulted in the damage  in 4.2 billion US dollars and 50 deaths in Oman.

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