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AD 1090 - 1729: Venad Rule in Southern Kerala

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AD 1090 – AD 1729: Venad Rule started in Southern Kerala. The last ruler of the Later Chera Kingdom, Rama Varma Kulashekhara, was the first ruler of an independent state of Quilon. The Venad era in Travancore lasts till the Aditya Varma period (1718 – 1721). The English East India Company occupied some land near Attingal (Anchuthengu) during the period of Umayamma Rani (who ruled the venad from 1677 to 1684). Later they extentended their company to the other parts of travancore city. At that time, a Mughal adventurer, Mughal Sardar obtained some suburbs from Umayamma Rani including Nedumangad . Later he was defeated by the Kerala Varma from Kottayam Royal Family and thus the Rani brought back her Trivandrum. During the late 17th century, the Ettarayogam members of the temples in Trivandrum are strong enough to challenge the decisions of Venad rulers. The clashes between both Aditya Varma and and the trustees of temple become common during that days. They poisoned the Aditya Varma and killed the six children of Umayamma Rani. This incident marks the beginning of end of Venad era. It happened with the fall of Rajah Rama Varma (1724-1729).

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