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AD 1677 - 1684: Umayamma Rani Period in Venad

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AD 1677 - 1684: The first women ruler of Venad, Umayamma Rani Period.

Aswathi Thirunal Umayamma Rani succeeded to the throne of Palace of Venad Kingdom after the death of senior rani of Attingal under the rule of Marumakkathayam rule of Inheritance. However, according to the ancient history records of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, it is said that she had adopted one male (Aditya Varma) and two females from the Kolathunad Royal family. Thereafter in 1684, she again adopted a male from the Kottayam Royal family. This adopted male is Kerala Varma and he was given a title called Prince of Hiranyasimhallur by the Rani. In the same year, a Mughal adventurer, Sardar obtained some suburbs from Umayamma Rani including Nedumangad. This Mughal Sardar was defeated by the Kerala Varma. Kerala Varma also abolished several abhorrent customs called Pulappedi,Mannapedi and so on in 1695. However in the same year, it is believed that he was murdered by the land lords. Umayamma Rani is said to be ruled the Venad Kingdom from 1677 to 1684. Later in 1688, Rajah Ravi Varma became the Rajah of Venad (present day Travancore). According to the venad history, her death was said to be occurred in 1705. Some of her titles include, Rani of Venad and Attingal Mootha Thampuran.

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