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AD 1863 - 1941: Ayyankali Period

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AD 1863: Ayyankali, the social reformer born in 1863 in Venganoor, Trivandrum.

AD 1905: Ayyankali started a school to teach Dalit children at Venganoor. It is also the first school in kerala built for the welfare of children of Dalit people.

AD 1907: Ayyankali founded the Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham in 1907, in Venganoor. In the same year Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi founded the Ananda Maha Sabha and C Krishna Pillai initiated the Smastha Kerala Nair Samajam.

AD 1909: The first farmer group strike in kerala was first organized in Venganoor by Ayyankali.

AD 1915: Ooruttambalam Revolt (Nineteenth Century Revolt) under the leadership of Ayyankali. In the same year, Kallumala Agitation occurred under the leadership of Ayyankali in Perinad of Kollam.

AD 1941: Ayyankali died.

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