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AD 1921: The events in Kerala History

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AD 1921: The first All Kerala Congress Political Conference held at Ottappalam in April 1921 was conducted under the leadership of Andhra Kesari T Prakasam.

AD 1921: Upon Khilafat Movement, the local Muslims of Malabar grouped and thus they got the strength. This irked the British rulers and they tried to put an end to this which resulted in Malabar Rebellion.

AD 1921: The Wagon tragedy resulted in the death of 64 prisoners on 10th November 1921. The prisoners had been taken into custody as a result of Mappila Rebellion by the British. The ninety of the Muslim freedom fighters were arrested and dispatched by train from Tirur to Bellary Prison. When the wagon opened in Podanur station, 64 of them suffocated to death.

AD 1921: Wagon tragedy (November 10).

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