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AD 1930: The events in Kerala History

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AD 1930: Kerala Kalamandalam established near the bank of River Bharatapuzha in Cheruthurutti by king of Kochi. It was shifted to Vallathol Nagar in 1973.

AD 1930: Salt Satyagraha of the nation also created waves in Kerala. Under the leadership of K Kelappan, Salt Satyagraha March started from Kozhikode and ended in Payyanur. Salt was made by violating the Salt Law.

AD 1930: Kerala Kalamandalam was established. It was first built as an arts school in Kunnakulam Kovilakam for the purpose of performing Kathakali under the leadership of Mahakavi Vallathol Naryanan Menon. In 1938, the king of Kochi allotted land for Kerala Kalamandalam in the village of Cheruthuruthy in Thrissur District on the banks of the Bharathapuzha River.

AD 1930: First silent film in Malayalam, Vigathakumaran (The Lost Child) released in 23rd October 1930 by the studio, Travancore National Pictures in Pattom. The film is directed by J. C. Daniel. JC Daniel and PK Rosy are the actor and actresses.

AD 1930: P Subramoniyam started the first Movie Theatre “New Theatre” in Thiruvananthapuram.

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