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AD 1957: The events in Kerala History

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AD 1957: Palakkad, Kozhikode and Thrissur districts formed.

AD 1957: First General Election. LDF (Communist) got lead in the February – March General Election. Kerala Legislative Council with 126 elected members came into existence. EMS became the first chief minister of Kerala in April 5. It was also for the first time, communist came to power in a state in India. Under this LDF government, there are 11 ministers including 3 independent ministers.

AD 1957: Kerala Cabinet introduced Kudiyozhippikkal Ordinance. (April 11).

AD 1957: Alappuzha District came to existence. (August 17).

AD 1957: Niyamasabha passed the ordinance of Education bill in September 2 presented by Education Minister, Joseph Mundassery.

AD 1957: Medical College in Kozhikode (October 1).

AD 1957: Travancore University is re-named to Kerala University.

AD 1957: Establishment of KSEB (October 31).

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