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AD 1968: The events in Kerala History

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AD 1968: The first Kerala lottery draws in January 26 and was introduced by the finance minister, PK Kunju.

AD 1968: Thumba Rocket Launching Centre was taken by United Nations Organization (UNO) in February 2.

AD 1968: Municipal Elections all over Kerala.

AD 1968: Calicut University established in Kozhikode.

AD 1968: Kerala Bhasha Institute in September 16 established in Nalanda Trivandrum. NV Krishna Warrior was the first Director.

AD 1968: Sarada got the national award for best actress (Urvashi Award) for the film Thulabharam.

AD 1968: G Shankarakurup founded the Odakuzhal Award. Vennikkulam Gopala Kurup got the first Odakuzhal Award for his work in Thulaseedasa Ramayanam.

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