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BC 1000: King Solomon in Kerala

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BC 1000 - BC 900: King Solomon had commercial business with local kingdoms of Kerala, as the place is granted with lot of ivory, silver, spices, Peacocks and Monkeys. At that time, Muziris is the naturally formed harbor for the foreigners to land in Kerala. The “Black Gold” also called as pepper, the fruit of a vine is the famous crop of Kerala, which is rare to the world. King Solomon of Judea sent his ships to get the rare spice from Kerala to the west (Israel). He carried out regular sea voyages to the South Indian coast for exporting ivory, silver, spices and apes. It is also believed that the first Cochin Jews were the children of Israelite sailors and the native women. Later following the path of King Solomon, Ancient Greeks, Roman, Arabs, Chinese, Turks, Venetians, and others arrived in Kerala.

Solomon’s temple staircase was constructed from the Teak and Sandalwood exported from Kerala. A model of Solomon’s temple is shown above. Also Solomon built his own ships made in Beypore Calicut as early as 900 BC. The Cutty Sark (the fastest opium smuggler clipper of the seas) which could never be overtaken was made by Calicut teak. Other important connection of King Solomon with Kerala is King Solomon's seal. He made a seal by the scripts used by the people of Kerala at that time. The picture of that seal is shown in Madame Blavatsky's book.

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