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BC 250 - AD 925: Ay Tamil Kingdom in Southern Kerala

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BC 250 - AD 925: Ay Tamil Kingdom believed to be started their rule from early sangam period to 10th century. Their rule extended from Tiruvalla to Nagercoil. Their capital was at Aykudi, Podiyil Malai (Near to Shenkottai) and then they shifted it to Vizhinjam. The major Ay rulers during Sangam Period include Ay Antiran, Titiyan and Atigan. Post Sangam age, the rulers are Ay Sadayan (till AD 788), Karunandan (AD 788-857), Karunandadakkan (AD 857-885) who was the founder of famous Kandalur Salai and the Vikramaditya Varaguna (885-925). By the 10th century, Ays lost their territories to Cheras.

AD 988: Palya Shasanam (Paliyam Copper Plates written) of Vikramaditya Varaguna.

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