Mediterraneans and Mongoloid race in Kerala

BC 3000 - BC 1000: Kerala also take part in Indus Valley Civilization that exists at that period. It is believed that Teakwood, Sandalwood and Ivory were exported to the western countries at that time.

The Mediterraneans: Mediterraneans form the main citizens of present Dravidian population of Kerala. Mediterraneans are one of the sub-races of Caucasian race. They are believed to have migrated from the Mediterranean areas fearing Greeks in the third and the second millennium BC. They came with a fairly high level of civilization and their sections settled in Western, Northern and later in Southern India. They are the people who establish the Indus Valley Civilization from Northern India to Southern India including Kerala. They introduced the first metal or bronze cultures in India roughly between 2,500 and 1,500 BC. They developed culture and Austro-Asiatic languages among people. They are believed to be the possessor of the earliest form of Hinduism and chief architects of India. Pashupati (Shiva) and goddess are the chief devotional gods of the people at that time. Proto-Australoids helped Mediterraneans to establish the Indus Valley Civilization in Kerala. Palaeo­Mediterraneans is the first and the earliest race entered among Mediterraneans. The common features of these people are medium height, dark & medium skin and long head. Later, they are suppressed to the backward Hindu throughout Kerala by the entrance of Aryans, the so called Namboodiri brahmins. Majority of the people from current tribes such as Vellalas, Syrian Christian, Vishwakarma (Kammalar), Ezhavas, Pulayas, Parayas, Kuruvas and some section of Nairs.

The Mongoloids: According to anthropologists, Mongoloid race entered India from the region of China, which is considered as the homeland of the Mongoloid race. Herbert Hope Risley (a british ethnographer) believes that India will became a great Mongoloid region in future as most of the inhabitants of northern and eastern India belongs to them. There are also evidences of invasion of Mongoloid Melanesian people to the southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The basic features of round and broad head, face with very high cheek bones, a long flat nose and with little hair on body is common to the people of this origin. The tribes of Nagas belong to the Mongoloid race. KVK Iyer quotes that the mongoloid features found with Tamil and Malayalam people were came from Mongolia. He concluded that Malayalees with these features later followed a matriarchal system while the tamils followed a patriarchal system. Some section among Nairs was the commonly seen tribe of Mongoloid race in Kerala. According to Dr. Zacharias Thundy’s theory, yellowish skin, sharper features and resembling customs followed by Newar people of Nepal of Mongoloid race as the ancestor of people found with these features.