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Proto Australoid and Negrito race in Kerala

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BC 4000 - BC 3000: It is considered that both Proto Australoid and Negrito race inhabited the land at that period. They used the Microlithic artifacts and it was founded near Calicut recently. Megalithic monuments including burial stones and urns were also found from the spot. Early inhabitants of Kerala belonged to the last phase of Middle Stone Age.

The Negritos: According to John Henry Hutton (an english-born anthropologist), the earliest inhabitants of South India (including Kerala) were the people of Negrito race. The Negroid people were migrated from Africa and established their language in this region. They lived by hunting and eating animals, plants and fruits. The common features of these people include curly hair, black skin, round head and broad nose. They are less than 1.5 meters tall. The descendants of this race are still inhabited in the mountain and forest areas of the state. The hill tribes such as Kadors of Kochi, Kanikkar, Malapandarams, Pullayans of Palni hills, Mutuvans, Uralis of Nilgiri hills, Ullatans, Uralis, Paniyas etc are belonging to these tribes. They have a good knowledge of natural herbal medicine and were experts in interpreting natural phenomena.

The Proto-Australoids: John Henry Hutton claimed that Proto-Australoids were the second race to enter India and thereby Kerala. Today they constitute the bulk of population in central and southern India. The Negritos were probably replaced by Proto-Australoids. They are believed to be migrated from modern day Oceania and Africa. The Proto-Australoids pushed, pressed, relocated and succeed the Negritos and forced them to inaccessible and less hospitable areas where they are found even today. In physical appearance, the Proto-Australoids are more or less resembles Negritos except the wooly hair and too dark complexion. The other features of Proto-Australoids are medium height, dark complexion with long heads, broad flat nose and slightly protruding jaws. They introduced the cultivation of rice and vegetables and made sugar from sugarcane. Later, they supported the Mediterraneans in building the Indus Valley Civilization in Kerala. Tribes such as Irulans, Chenchus, Vedar, Kurumbas, Karimpalans, Mala Arayans, Yeruvas, and Mala Vetans belong to Proto-Australoids.

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